A lucky mishap….

I normally sleep for a few hours before getting up for the market open at 1:30am local time for the market open. Today, I left my cell phone on the office desk and didn’t hear the alarm. That was fortunate, because the trade I would have taken would have been a loser, capping an already dismal week. Having missed that trade, no further opportunity presented itself, so it was a no-trade day.

This has been the first losing week I have had in three months, so I guess it was due. There were three losing trades, losing a total of 17.75 points, $775, plus commissions.  I do not mind losing trades, which are a statistical inevitability, but I have not traded well in the last few weeks, and I will be thinking about that over the weekend.

Factors I will look at include the following:

  • I have been very busy arranging a move into a new house (next weekend). External distractions shouldn’t effect trading, but they always seem to.
  • Writing this blog is a further distraction, but I have committed to keeping this trading record for at least two months.
  • I have been researching changes to some of my trade management rules, and have permitted myself some undisciplined trades without completing my normal testing regime. I think this is borne of over confidence because the last months have gone so well.

That said, I earned 8.67% on my capital (net, after all trading costs) during January, and that is not to be sneezed at in any business. My aim is to perform well enough to be able to draw a monthly "pay cheque", in other words to be consistently profitable. This month’s pay is slimmer than it has been recently, but welcome for all that!


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