20 March 2009

Sometimes I hate publishing my trading results.

In this session, I picked a nice opening short trade – and inexplicably clicked the wrong button, with the result that I was long, not short. 

By the time I noticed and closed the position, I was down 3.25 points plus trading costs.

I closed at AUD10,276 yesterday, and I’m at AUD10,016 after today’s session.

I have made that mistake once before, but it was a long time ago.  The extra speed of the 1-minute chart time-frame probably contributed to the problem, combined with a bit of rustiness because I’m just coming off a trading break.

Still, as I have often stated, perfect performance of your plan is a prerequisite for success in this business, and this was far from perfect! Excuses don’t cut it.

The 30 minute window closed without any further opportunities.


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