9 April 2009

This was frustrating! 

Owing to a software problem, the charts were not updating when the session opened – all that could be seen was yesterday’s chart.

By the time I contacted Ineractive Brokers and discovered a workaround solution to the problem, too much time had passed and I missed a clear signal for a winning short trade. 

I’m pleased to say I maintained discipline and settled for a "no trade" day. (In this situation, it is tempting to chase the market and take an unplanned trade.)

The missed trade was for 1 contract winning approximately 7.5 points (USD375), so it would have been a nice end to the week.

Not to worry. These things happen – and software problems with IB are mercifully rare. Sometimes glitches work in your favour, keeping you out of a possible losing trade, but this time I was unlucky. 

As a trader, it is important not to brood on this event. It happened! Forget about it, clear your mind, and look forward to the next trading session on Monday, prepared to execute the trading plan as well as humanly possible,

It is important to learn any lessons on offer. For instance, I’ve taken notes about the workaround solution provided by IB on this occasion. If the same problem reoccurs two or three months from now, I’ll know how to get the charts back online within a few seconds.


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