5th January, 2010

Well, TradeOnAuto got off to a great start today with the Aussie SPI contract. It went short at 4931 and bought back around 4910 for a full profit.


Beans didn’t do much; TradeOnAuto monitored it for the first hour and found no entries.


Of course, my daughter-in-law, who sticks to wheat, had a great short trade!


I’m up well over 10% for January (closer to 20%) and if I were following the advice I give to clients, I would take a holiday for the rest of the month. I find having a goal of 10% per month gives people focus for their trading. Quite often, when a month starts like this, you spend the rest of the month going backwards or standing still. However, that wouldn’t make for very interesting blogging, so I’ll keep going!

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