8th January 2010

There wasn’t much happening today. 

I got into a long trade in the SPI that looked pretty promising for a while, but then fizzled out. TradeOnAuto was configured with a loose stop, which took me out of the trade close to breakeven.

Beans kicked off with a big price drop, but then quietened and no trade opportunity developed during the first hour (after which I’ve set TradeOnAuto to stop looking for entries).

Overall, it’s been an excellent week. 

I hope you are enjoying the charts. Don’t hesitate to contact me with feedback. I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about TradeOnAuto this week – there are certainly a lot of people excited by the prospect of letting their computer trade for them. 

Remember, the TradeOnAuto software will be available to the public from 20th January, and a 20% discount is available during the initial promotion until the end of February.

In response to some of the more frequently occurring questions:

1. No, we do not offer a free trial period. The program does what we say it does, and we are only interested in clients willing to make a serious commitment. (Otherwise we will be tied up providing endless support to people who are just playing with the software.) Of course, if the program fails to perform properly for any reason attributable to us, refunds are available.

2. Yes, it is possible to adapt the way the program works to fit your own trading style. However, if software changes are required, then they will be charged for separately and may be expensive. Even what may seem like small changes can be time consuming, because they have to be thoroughly tested.  
In general, my advice is to try the software "as is" for six months, and if at the end of that time you still want changes, request them then. 

3. Yes, there is a user manual. In time, this will be augmented by a series of "how to" videos on the TradeOnAuto web site.

4. No, we do not support links to trading platforms provided by other brokers. To use TradeOnAuto you need an account with Interactive Brokers.

5. No, we will not be reducing the price! In fact, our plans are to progressively increase it. Frankly, if you do not have the resources to buy a TradeOnAuto license AND fund a reasonably sized trading account, then this product is not for you. That is not to say you can’t trade, but you should consider gaining experience by trading manually. After you’ve done that for a while, give some thought to how much you would have to pay a reliable person to do that work for you, day in, day out with no holidays – and no mistakes! We firmly believe that TradeOnAuto is cheap for what it does!

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