Small Capital Project – Feb, 2010 Update

Here is our statement from IB for February:


Isn’t that a great result? We’ve turned $4,907 into $6,831 in just one month, a $1,938 (39%) profit! What’s more, if you follow the daily trades on the TradeOnAuto blog you will know we are yet to have a losing week, so – touch wood! – the very conservative strategy we’ve chosen to try and keep a steady win rate seems to be paying off.

The secret to our success this time has been using TradeOnAuto. Not only is it simplicity itself to use, but the extra features not available to the manual trader have greatly improved our consistency and performance.

There’s still a long way to go before this project could be declared a success. Our small account is still, well, SMALL, but we have made the best possible start. As long as we continue to turn in positive monthly performances, it will grow at a surprising rate as the compounding effect kicks in.


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