Small Capital Project – March, 2010 Update


Certainly not the stellar performance achieved in February, but a solid enough result for all that. Our goal is to make 5% per month on average, so we were just a trifle shy this month, although obviously well ahead overall because of the result last month. (At one point we were up 19%, but finally encountered a string of losing trades in the last couple of weeks that brought us back down again. That’s trading for you.)

The beauty of this from my perspective is that I am spending no time on the trading at all. I just start the TradeOnAuto program when I go to bed and check the results in the morning.  If you have traded manually for any period of time, you will know how life changing this can be.  My son and daughter-in-law are traders and were seriously considering relocating from Australia to a location in a less inconvenient time zone, because the strain of waking every night was getting to them. Now, they no longer have a problem!

I had intended to switch to a different market this month to demonstrate the versatility of the TradeOnAuto program, and actually traded soybeans on Thursday April 1st. However, the Exchanges have updated the margins and, while the wheat margin has reduced (in line with its lower price), the soybeans margin has increased. Until that happened, our account had grown large enough to trade two soybean contracts. Now, it is back down to trading just one, reducing our opportunity quite a bit. So I have decided to stay with wheat for April.

You can follow daily trades at the TradeOnAuto blog.

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