Small Capital Project – November, 2010

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Another very quiet month where we just tipped the scales on the positive side of the ledger. However after 10 months of trading since 1 February this year, it is important to keep the big picture in mind. Here’s the year to date statement – it’s hard to quibble with a near 80% return in 10 months. 



As this project has coincided with the release of the TradeOnAUTO software, this account has also been used experimentally to illustrate different ways the software can be set up to trade. Consequently, we have run different strategies nearly every month. 

This has been interesting and instructive, but I do believe optimum results come from using a good strategy consistently for a long period of time. So from now on we will alter strategies much less frequently.  We will post articles from time to time showing how the TradeOnAUTO software can be set up in different ways to achieve interesting results. Here is a link to the first such article which shows a technique inspired by the options straddle, and run live in this account for a full month.  The video is fun to watch!

An Each Ways Bet…





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