9 Feb 2012

It’s been a while since I last posted, but that is going to change!

First of all, here is the table of progress in the “Small Capital Project”:



As you can see, January turned out to be a pretty poor month as well, so we have ended up after two years with a 62.1% return.

Am I disappointed with that?

Yes, I am a little, because I believe it could have been much better. I was targeting 5% per month, and ended up averaging more like 2%. Still, at the end of the day, it was a good deal better than having the money in the bank!

I have been following daily trades in my business website www.tradeonauto.com, where I sell my automatic trading software. We have recently announced a new version of the software with considerably enhanced features. Because of this, I have decided to stop following my daily trade in this small capital project on the TradeOnAUTO website, and instead I will be following up to 8 separate strategies each day on that site.

Still, I think this project is interesting and I would like it to succeed – more so than it has at present. So I shall be posting the daily life trades in this small account back here on my personal website.

In doing so, I decided that I would make use of some of the new features in TradeOnAUTO to try and improve the results. So I have spent the last week and a half trying out various settings, and in the process have chewed through a fair amount of capital! So for now my starting capital is $7208.

To save my time each day, I will just blog the chart and the trading result. Here is today’s trade:


Realized P/L for this contract (ZS) = $89.28   % Return = 1.14626

The strategy I am using is a two-part approach. The system will enter a trade, but if that trade fails may enter a reverse trade. That is what happened today. It entered a long trade which failed to meet its target and was stopped out for quite a large loss. Fortunately, the reverse short trade was successful.

This account is really too small for this approach, so I have to take more risk than I am really comfortable with. That’s life! We will see how it goes…




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