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Where Am I?

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Hello Again!

I’ve received a few emails now asking what I’m up to.

Well, since the last posting in May, I have been on an extensive trip overseas and also been very busy writing a "conventional" book.

I trade every night, and have been able to further simplify and codify my trading approach. My methods have been consistently successful, and it is very satisfying to not only do well myself, but receive positive feedback from dozens of customers who bought my eBook.

Interestingly, only two people requested refunds because they didn’t feel the method worked for them. One of them couldn’t fit my kind of trading into his schedule, and the other confessed that he couldn’t avoid interfering with the trades while they were in progress. 

My son and his wife read the eBook last Christmas. He is a teacher, but decided to have a go. I was a bit nervous at first, but I’m delighted to say they have done very well indeed, and he is now talking about taking it up full time. They have a new baby and he is still teaching, so he only trades during the school holidays. His wife, however, is up every night, and seems to have picked it up really well. She and I message one another during the trading session. I’ve been trading soybeans for the last couple of months, but she prefers wheat and has been having a sensational month so far!

Now, my elder daughter (who lives in New Zealand) is seriously talking about opening an account. I hope she does, because she is a very bright, organized lady and I’m sure she will do well. Another son is also making noises about giving it a try. He’s an engineer, currently working in the UK, but will be returning at Christmas time, and wants to trade with me during his holiday over here, to see what it’s like. 

I also have a little seven year old son, and I am really looking forward to teaching him how to trade when he gets older. I can think of no greater gift I could give him than teaching him a skill which will allow him to earn an income without having to rely on an employer. The gift of independence. Of course, we will still want him to go through university and complete a qualification.  

This may be a retirement plan for me. With luck, I’ll persuade one of my children to manage my account, and I can sleep in every night! Mind you, it’s my hobby as well as my job, so I might miss it too much.

I am really looking forward to the new book. The publisher is the UK company, Harriman House (, and it was exciting to receive the invitation to write a book. It’s been a lot of work, but the first draft is just about finished now. If all goes well, we should get it onto the bookshelves in the first quarter of 2009. Once the book is published, it has been suggested that I run some seminars, so that retirement plan may turn out to be illusory! We’ll see.

Thank you to all the people who have read this blog, and to all the people who have emailed me about their trading experiences. To those who are just getting into trading, I wish you well, and hope that you get the same pleasure and satisfaction out of this activity as I have!

Happy Trading!